Newport Beach Library - Gianne de Genevraye
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Statice on Bluff in Newport Corona del Mar, California
2018   oil on linen     35x37in

On the bluffs overlooking Big Corona beach in Newport, I found this very typical and profuse California coastal plant in full bloom.  The huge, thick leaves are sculptural, and contrast nicely with tall and delicate, stiff purple flowers.  I painted the simple composition quickly, with the waves behind, a perfect distant background to set off the plants. The rich violet and deep shadow work contrast with the light pastel color of the Pacific Ocean on a warm winter day.

Roger's Gardens 31x31in, Newport Beach.jpg
Roger's Gardens, Newport Beach, California
2018  Oil on Linen  31x31in
Price $2500 

When I was in residency  at the norther Italian lake Garda near the city of Dezensano in Fall 2018, I was working from memory of what I had seen last winter in Newport Beach, California.  I was longing for the mild climate and limpid air of my native California, and looked through some pictures I had taken at the famed Roger's Gardens in Newport.  This piece is a transition piece, where I am working towards more of an abstract manner of painting nature, but begining with an objective subject, in this case Hortensia flowers.  At Rogers Gardens, there were masses of these grouped tightly together, and they made a perfect visual block of pure color.  The first reading of the painting indicates flowers, but quickly the viewer only sees the form and the beautiful acid colors of the composition.  The background at the top gives a linear direction to the piece in brillant greens, providing visual relief to the rounded forms. 
Pond at Sherman Garden 28x32.jpg
Pond at Sherman Gardens, Newport Beach, California                              
2018    oil on linen    28x32in
Price $3500

Once again at Sherman Gardens in Corona del Mar, I went into their greenhouse, where there is a small but perfectly composed koi pond.  The glass house was reflecting in the dark water, creating a dance of light on dark, with the accent of colorful fish swimming, I was fascinated.  How to paint this movement?  I took one photo and did a few line sketches of the direction of the changes.  Once in the studio, surprisingly, the painting came easily, starting with the deep green/ochre/umber dark water, then adding the color that provided the movement.  Some leaves hung over the pond to give scale, and the final quick brushstrokes of white provided the reflections. The result is a serene painting, we can almost feel the fish moving across the canvas...
Aeonium & Bird of Paradise copy.jpg
Aeoniums and Bird of Paradise, Newport Beach, California                     
2017    oil on linen    38x36in
Price $2500

I was driving to my studio from Laguna to Newport when I noticed this grouping of aeoniums and bird of paradise in front of a PCH restaurant. It is the perfect example of how a commercial business is going « water wise ». I had never noticed this small patch of land.  The beauty of brilliant yellow brought my attention to this locale with the ground cover in small round stones, rather than expensive water-thirsty grass, which softly contrasted to the green leaves and yellow and orange floral colors. The piece is done in a very open brushwork, painterly, which gives a graphic feel to the painting.
Rockery in Sherman Gardens.jpg
Rockery in Sherman Gardens, Newport Beach, California                                    
2018    oil on linen    32x28in
Price $2000

Sherman Gardens in Corona del Mar has some very tight succulent plant arrangements in their mature garden.  This small garden is highly groomed, not a leaf nor weed to distract the viewer from the artistique compositions of the plants. This particular part of the garden looked almost abstract to me on the hot, dry day that I visited, and the choice of colors, complete with blue chipped stone (or was it glass?) completed the vision as a abstract intention.  The result is a painting reminding me of a condensed California desert, with almost a sand painting effect of a succulent display
KORANKEI 5:5.jpg
Korankei Park, Okazaki, Japan                                       
2017  pastel on paper  30x22in


I was in residence for 8 days in Okazaki, Japan in November 2018.  My generous hostess, Hiriko, took me every day to a different park in the region, each one known for the famous changing of the leaves at this time of year.  I had been lucky enough to arrive in Okazaki exactly at the height of the colors, and they were so brillant and rich, that I was in constant amazement before the spectacle of nature.  This pastel on white paper, is of a heavy branch of a very old tree.  The composition quickly became abstract, the colors were leading me.  I used thick dry pastel from Sennelier, Paris to acheive the remarkable true colors of yellows, reds of my subject tree and deep greens of an adjacent tree that had not yet turned.
Okazaki East Park 1:5..jpg
Okazaki East Park, Japan                               
2017  pastel on paper  22x30in
Price $900 

This was the first pastel in a series of 5 that I did during my brief residency in Okazaki, Japan in November 2018.  The subject was inspired by Okazaki East Park.  During the glorious color change, this park is full of promeneurs each and every day, just to admire the beauty of nature.  There is a lake in the center of the park which provided the background for this composition with the dark tree bark contrasting with the bright red and oranges of the leaves.  I chose a horizonal format to accentuate the cross composition: horizonal lake and upward trees and color.

Okazaki East Park Path 2:5  76x56cm pastel.jpg
Okazaki East Park with PATH, Japan              
2017  pastel on paper  30x22in
Price $900           

Once again, Hiroko took me to the Okazaki East Park to see the leaves.  This composition, which is in a dominant red, is unusual for two reasons; 'red' paintings are rare, and I almost never add an architectural detail to my pieces.  But this old stone rail that defined the path grounded the composition, and gave the perfect foil to the lake, so that I could show the infinite reflections and give them scale.  We only see the top of the rail, the path is of course below, but we know it is there.  The red branch is exactly the same red that was real on that day, astonishing.  I visited the park in the morning, and while the color was still in my mind, executed the pastel in the afternoon...
Okazaki East Park with Lake 3:5.jpg
Okazaki East Park with Lake, Japan              
2017  pastel on paper  30x22in
Price $900 

On the second day at Okazaki East Park, Hiroko and I were walking around the lake with many other people, admiring the Fall color change.  We came across a kiosk barely hidden through a mass of colored leaves.  I suggested it on the left of the pastel, juxapposed with the horizonal white line of the opposite shore of the lake that is borded with white stone.  The cascading leaves in the foreground give the piece weight and brillant color of red rust, with the deep blue lake visible through the leaves.  The texture of these pastel pieces is thick, layered, velvety and rich. 
White Roses with Pavement shadow.jpg
White Roses with Pavement shadow at Eilenroc Villa, Cap D'Antibes, France           
2017 oil on linen 31x31in
Price $2200     ON SALE UNTIL MARCH 30  $1500

I wanted to do a painting with dominant white and blue color, so chose these exquisite white roses centered against the white pavement that provided the V-structure to the painting.  Already the leaves were beginning to turn yellow and gold as it was late in the season, but the roses were pure white, almost blue in their purity.  I painted their shadows on the pavement in light violet, giving an overall impression of blue.  In this composition, I am looking downward on the subject, thus the strange perspective of bird’s eye, close-up view.
1st View from Musée Littoral, Antibes HR.jpg
First View from Musée Littoral of Antibes, France   
2017  oil on linen 46x32
Price $3800

This dramatic composition was inspired by a photograph that I took from the Musée Littoral on the Cap D’Antibes near Eden Roc hotel. I worked both from memory and from my ipad.  The bold contrasts of the tree trunks in the foreground, the shadow form work with the sea melting behind leaves a typical impression of a Mediterranean landscape.  The sharp pointed aloe provided intensive direction to the composition while the parasol pine needles bending downward added a softness to the picture.
Cyclamen et Sous Bois at Eilenroc 73x116cm.jpg
Cyclamen at Eilenroc Villa, Antibes, France              
2017  oil on linen 29x46in
Price $2500

This is the last painting that I did at Eilenroc, and is the most abstract.  At the beginning of one of the paths leading from the villa, there was an unexpected field of soft pink cyclamens growing amongst the pine needles under the majestic Sylvester Pine, with a hedge in the background.  I leaned my canvas on the ground against the pine tree and began to paint my impression of the sun through the pine and the color of the flowers.  One can see the drips in the painting, I was painting quickly to capture the light and direction of the background color.  There is nothing realistic about this piece, it is pure motion and color.  
Pink Roses against red hothouse final.jpg
Pink Roses against red Hothouse, Eilenroc Villa, Antibes, France                   
2017 oil on linen 35x46in
Price $ 2900

This large painting was painted onsite and was the first painting that I did at Eilenroc in Fall of 2017. The bed of pink and yellow roses planted just in front of a long the brick-red hothouse, provided an interesting color background for the upper part of painting which balances the sun-bathed path to the right of the roses. Although the piece is loosely painted, the roses are surprisingly detailed.
Red Climbing Roses in Topiary Path.jpg
Red Climbing Roses in Topiary Path at Eilenroc Villa, Cap d'Antibes, France              
2017 oil on linen  39x20
Price $2000

This part of the garden is adjacent to the main rose garden and can be reached through a small gate.  There are many climbing roses that grow over the iron armature forming a straight topiary arced tunnel leading to the furthest northern part of the Eilenroc property. These single petal climbers are a brilliant vermillion color that I was able to match exactly with my paints.  The S-composition gives a lyrical note to the piece, rather than a straight upward motion.  The blue background fades to distant shadows giving relief to the strong forward color composition of Fall yellows and bright reds.
Yellow roses on a path final.jpg
Yellow Roses on a Path at Eilenroc Villa, Cap d'Antibes, France                                   
2017 oil on linen 35x28in
Price $2200 

The Fall rose bush always has a less luxuriant foliage allowing the spiked branches to show through, which provided sharp diagonals to the composition.  New leaf growth on the right of the painting, the last growth of the season, is shown in its usual red-purplish tone.  The pavement stones in the path gave an additional linear quality to the piece, with the top third of the painting devoted to fully opened and other fading yellow roses.
Bird of Paradise 2018.jpg
Bird of Paradise, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico                                  
2018  pastel on paper 30x22in
Price $900    

The plant Bird of Paradise is a typical plant of the Mediterranean biotope around the world.  The plant is a perfect subject for me due to its sculptural and distinct forms with all colors of neutral greens splashed with the most extravagant colors of the flower with its orange, purple, deep red rainbow of tones.  This is a standard gardeners choice in Mexico, always planted with a dry ground under that sets off the fan like form of the plant.  I chose a close up view to give this piece an abstract feel, sensual, almost tactile version of the plant, without detail, just a suggestion of the vertical movement.       
Croton Petra 2018.jpg
Croton Petra in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico                                        
2018  pastel on paper 30x22in
Price $900 

This plant is common in Mexico, and seems to be the embodiment of the colors of a party in Mexico!  Bright yellow, blue and red, these leaves are multi-colored and waxy and tightly amassed in thick bushes.  They add a happy note to any landscape, and don't require water, so perfect for sustainability on our Mediterranean biotope.  I painted these (with dry pastel) not as the thick bush, but with one branch that shows a completely different reading than if you were to see them in situ. 
Dracera Morada 2018.jpg
Dracera Morada in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico                                  
2018  pastel on paper 30x22in
Price $900  

In wintertime in Mexico, this long leaved plant turns from deep green to a brillant fuscia pink before the leaves finally fall.  Once again a color of Mexico, seen replicated in much of their folk art, I tried to capture in pastel this slow change, giving each part of the finished piece a different and complex color to show the time and movement of the change. In this outward flowing star composition, one feels the final explosiveness of nature before the plant goes into hibernation.   
Cardon Pitahaya 2018.jpg
Giant Cardon Pitahaya in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico                                  
2018  pastel on paper 30x22in
Price $900          

This is one of the few pastels that I did onsite, due to the many problems of working in dry pastel outdoors (wind for example).
I was in the Cabo desert and set up to do a painting of this amazing cactus which can be over 300-years-old and about 80 feet high. The Cardon Elephant Cactus, a native to the Cabo desert, are found in forests of cacti that are astonishing.  The problem becomes choosing which one to paint! I have done two oil paintings and one pastel of this fascinating plant.  
For this pastel, I rendered the plant with multi lines in many different colors, all laid-in in an upward  motion to provide the movement and indicate the surpising height.  This particular Cardon was surrounded by another lower-growing cactus, the Puya, which is easily recognizable by its turquoise color, which grounded the piece and gave it the feel of the wild cacti forest. 
Rose Laurel Oleander 2018.jpg
Rose Laurel Oleander in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico                                     
2018  pastel on paper 30x22in
PRICE $900   

This piece was the last pastel that I did during my Cabo San Lucas residency in Winter 2018.  The soft colors of the oleanders reminded me of growing up in California.  Hedges, freeways, backyards all had these robust plant that smells spicy in our hot climate.  The transparency of the delicate flowers is a direct opposite of the long and pointed leaves, confirming once again that Nature's creativity is boundless.  In this pastel piece, I layered the color to get the transparency of the salmon and pink flowers  in a circular, upclose composition. Far in the background is a row of Mexican palm.